More Short Television Reviews

Dexter is back and as dark as ever. I invite you to watch it it is a great show. Brotherhood is also back and it is another great show from Showtime. I never mentionned Tell Me You Love Me on HBO, this another good show from them. Tell Me You Love Me is a bit risqué it is not for the younger crowd.  I watched the second episode of Journeyman.  I am still undecided on this show I’ll have to watch another show.  Chuck is a keeper.  Californication was great monday evening, if you haven’t seen it yet get Showtime and watch it, you’ll enjoy.  Heroes was not bad this week.

I ordered Radiohead’s In Rainbows download yesterday.  I’ll review it when I have downloaded and listened to it.  I can’t wait. I have to cut this post short I have to go for my nightly walk.