The Nectar of the gods: Dirty Martini

For those of you wondering about the picture in the header of this blog it is a martini. I consider the martini the greatest drink ever to be concocted. The best martinis are dirty martinis. What is a dirty martini? Just imagine the most refreshing and thirst quenching libation there is, and it’ll get you drunk to boot.

I first tried vodka martinis, shaken not stirred. I enjoyed them because I didn’t know better at the time and all my preferred drinks were made with vodka. I later tried a real martini made with gin, I did not like this as much. I found the taste to harsh. I continued with the vodka martini until Paul, a coworker, told me that Tanqueray gin was the best as far a gin was concerned. Being the adventurous type I decide to try the martini made with Tanqueray and am I glad I did. What a difference good gin can make.martini

As I said earlier I prefer dirty martinis. My recipe for a dirty martini is 2 oz Tanqueray gin, ½ oz dry vermouth, 1 to 4 olives and a few drops of olive brine. Pour the Tanqueray gin in a shaker containing ice, then add the vermouth. Stir gently, do not shake (damn that 007), shaking will bruise the gin and who likes their gin bruised? Pour, while straining, in a martini glass. Add the olive(s) and a few drops of olive brine. Voila the perfect drink is made, all there is to do is drink.

This must be my favorite drink with alcohol. My favorite non alcoholic drink is a good glass of Pinot noir wine, well there is not that much alcohol in it! Okay, Okay, my favorite non alcoholic drink is an espresso coffee. Their is almost nothing better than a good cup, or demi tasse, of strong coffee. None of this weak ass dish water that some people call coffee. A cup of coffee must be robust and it must be able to wake up a dead horse to be good. It has to be freshly made strong not strong because it was in the coffee maker for more than two hours.

Just remember a martini is for evening and night time and a coffee is best enjoyed in the morning, although coffee can be savored at any time of day. If you catch yourself drinking a martini in the morning you might have a problem, please consider going to Alcoholics Anonymous, The twelve steps might be for you.

A few words of caution about the martini, if you intend to drink a few of them leave your car at home or if you are at home stay there because they will creep up on you very slowly and they you’ll be so shit faced and you won’t know what hit you. Find a designated driver if you are the designated drunk. Drink responsively.

I guess I’ll end it here for today or I’ll be late for my AA meeting and I promised them that I’d be buying the rounds tonight.

p.s. I have taken a break from my short reviews of television show premiers. I promise you that I will continue them in later posts.