New Holiday and Watching Television

I think that we should have a holiday on the first of every month and call it rent day. We could celebrate it by giving money to our landlords. If we don’t have the money to give then we can celebrate it by moving to another location. Wouldn’t that be fun? Happy first of October. I have to pay rent today, Yeeeeeeea!

Since last week I’ve been thinking of renaming The No Name Blog. movingI have a few names in mind but I am not convinced that I should rename it. How will you the constant reader find it? I am undecided with what to do. I’ll let you know what’s going on in a future post.

I have watched a few other premieres from last week and here is what I think. Bionic Woman is not as bad as I taught it would be, that means I’ll be watching at least another show. CSI: New York is as always. In my opinion it is the best of the CSI franchises but that is not saying much. I used to really like Criminal Minds but I think their formula is getting old. Life, from NBC, has potential, hopefully they won’t screw it up. On Sunday I watched Shark. James Woods is a great actor, Shark is a below average show. I watched the entire first season will I do the same for this season? It all depends if they improve it or not. CSI was good for the first one of this season. This reminds me of why I started watching it in the first place. I hope they keep it up. The Office is hilarious as always. I know that my “reviews” of television shows are very short, they are straight to the point. Nobody wants to read a review that give out the ending or is longer to read than actually watching the show, do they?  For more short reviews of television shows go to this link:  here.

I still have quite a few shows to watch but I don’t have a lot of time as you know. This weekend I went to my mothers to spend some time with the family. I did not get in trouble for writing Birthday Gift? last week.  It’s because my brother is in no shape to retaliate.

Well time is up.  I have to go to work so that I can celebrate rent day.