I Got Mime

When mimeI sat at my computer desk at work yesterday I was shocked that my coworkers changed my desktop to a picture of a mime. I’ll reiterate I am sorry that Marcel Marceau is dead. That does not change the fact that I hate all mimes. Have you heard about the mime they found dead under the bridge? He tried to hang himself, with imaginary rope! Or the one where they found a mime suffocated? He could not get out of the imaginary box and ran out of oxygen. Did you know that in Iran there are no mimes? They shot 200 of them last year along with gays, atheists and political dissenters.

In the Lack of Time post from last week, I stated a few tasks I have to preform for my family, friends and myself. Well I reformatted my brothers computer and installed programs for him: 7:30 hours. I still haven’t done the other stuff on this list. I will get to them eventually, I hope.

There are a bunch of television show premieres this week, I’ll try to watch a few and maybe they’ll be a few good shows this season. I decided to dump Prison Break from my television watching schedule, it’d too f@#king moronic for me.

I guess time’s for today, I’ll see you next time.