Mimes Are The Bane Of This World

It is always sad when someone passes away but damn I can’t help myself, I hate mimes, and when I heard this morning that Marcel Marceau was dead I could not but feel happy that there was one less mime in the world. Don’t get me wrong it is to bad he died, but one less mime.

All I can think of is the world would be a much better place if there were far fewer mimes. mimeNo more imaginary rope pulling. No more stuck in an imaginary box. No more moon walk, yes Micheal Jackson is a mime, a really weird mime. He got his white makeup surgically embedded in his skin. Since we have a “War on Terror”, we should also have a “War on Mimes”, mimes are terrorizing kids and adults all over this world and nothing is done about it.

Again it is sad that Marcel Marceau passed away, I am sure his family and friends will miss him. One less mime.

I guess I’ll end this here because if I go on I’ll be rotting in hell in a pit full of mimes for eternity.

p.s. One less mime.