OJ in Court Again.

Since last week end there has been a lot of talk about our favourite non convicted murderer, OJ Simpson. You may believe that he’s not guilty or guilty, it does not matter what we believe since he was found not guilty in a criminal court of law. I’m sure you know he was arrested for armed robbery last weekend. All this over his sports memorabilia, that might or might not be his. Again this does not matter since he was arrested for ARMED robbery. All this hoopla made me think of old OJ jokes, like: Did you know that OJ Simpson got married again. He wanted another stab at it.

Well apparently yesterday when OJ was in court, he was wearing a sombrero. When his attorney, Yale Galanter asked him “Why are you wearing that hat?” OJ replied “Gabriel Grasso told me that I’ll be going to Cancun.” (Gabriel Grasso being another of OJ’s attorney) To which Galanter responds “He said that you were going to the can coon.” Don’t send me hate comments, I am not a racist, just a funny man.

Now that I have dusted these old OJ jokes and used them again, I’ll put them in moth balls once more, I’m sure I’ll be able to use them again in my life time because people like OJ never learn. He got away with murder once, actually twice, what’s armed robbery to him?

Today I found a blog that I have added to my blogroll it is called iluvpork.com I invite you to go see it and you can also see my previous post called Barbecued Spider Pig and you see that they sort of relate to the same subject. I have a moto “Save the Cows…Eat pork.”