Blue Potato and Big Brother

Have you ever heard of blue potatoes? I heard of red I heard of russet potatoes. I’ve heard of Yukon gold potatoes. I’ve heard of P.E.I. potatoes. I’ve heard of Idaho potatoes. I’ve heard of sweet potatoes. But blue potatoes? Actually I heard of them a few years back but I never ate one or in fact saw one, until Sunday that is. I got a few on Sunday from a friend who grew them in his garden. On Monday I ate them, guess what? They taste like potatoes not blueberries.

I’m not a big potato fan. Give me rice instead. Give me a salad instead. If I have a choice of potatoes I always choose Yukon gold potatoes, you know the ones that are yellow on the inside. I prefer them because they are not starchy. The blue potato is the same. If you want to freak people out cook blue potatoes and tell people that they are really old but they didn’t smell rancid so you took a chance and then dig in.

Big Brother is over for another season and Richard “Evil Dick” blueDonato won. I was taking for him almost the entire season. He did not mince word and was not afraid to piss people off. He walks away with half a million and his daughter, Daniele, get 50 grand for finishing second. I find that this season was not fair since it was two against the entire house therefore they had an unfair advantage over the other house guests.

Time’s up for this one. Three posts this week that is a record for me, maybe they’ll be another one tomorrow who knows?