The Lack Of Time

The lack of time. I blame the lack of time. If you don’t read Adventures in Computing & Life, I’ll give you a short update. After disconnecting my iPod, while the “Do Not Disconnect” was flashing, from the computer, I crashed the iPod and lost all access to the songs in the iPod. I tried everything I could think of to save all the work I had invested in placing the music in my iPod. I had to factory reset the iPod and start over again. I don’t even have half the songs in the iPod as when I started. Time.


timeMy brothers computer crashed, guess who has to fix it, me. He wants me to reformat it completely to windows, I’ll do it for him, he’s my brother. Time. My bosses mother wants me to help her with her computer, I’ll help her but not this week. Time. A coworker’s iPod is not working properly so he asked me if I could have a look at it. Of course I will. Time. Another coworker wants me to makes a copy of a DVD for him, yes I’ll do it. Time.

My typical day: I walk from 6:30am to 7:30 am, I leave for work at 8:30. Get back from work at 6:00. After supper I walk from 7:00pm to 8:00pm. That basically leaves me 2 hours to watch television, relax, work on the computer, read clean apartment, do laundry, shop, help out friends. I don’t have enough time. The lack of time is what I have lots of. If you want no time to do the thing you like, well I have lots of that.

Time’s up.