A Great Thing For You To Do

I just got back from donating blood. I huge all of you to donate. When you do, you will save lives. bloodYesterday in my other blog I calculated How much blood I would have to give to repay the Canadian Blood Services all the blood my father received the last few month of his life. Well for those of you that did not read it I’ll give you the numbers here. My father was receiving 2 pints of blood every week for the last 6 months of his life. That is 26 weeks times 2 pints of blood for a total of 52 pints. I can give blood 4 time a year so 52 divided by 4 gives us 13 years of giving blood. Now yesterday I said I would pay back with interest I haven’t calculated the interest and if I would I think I would lose the interest of you the constant reader.

Giving blood is something that most of us can do and we are looking at half an hour to one hour of our time, depending on the wait times. It costs us so little to give so much. I know right now that I sound like a broken record but I beg of you to give blood, not just once but 4 times a year. Your loved ones may needs some even yourself might need some and it feel good giving.

To lighten up the mood of this post here is something I found on the Internet:

Top ten things to do while giving blood
by Tina Mancuso and Paul Coen

10. Watch the bag fill.

9. Hyperventilate.

8. Pull the tube out of the bag and drink from it.

7. Race to see who fills their bag first (requires two or more people).

6. Puncture the bag near the top and see whether they pull the needle out of your arm before the blood squirts out.

5. While they’re not looking, substitute a bag of orange liquid and complain they gave you too much Tang.

4. Insist that you want to give 2 pints.

3. Faint.

2. Tell them you saw the bag twitch.

1. Yell, “Hey, you used that needle on the last guy!”

I found this at this link. Here’s another one for you all:

Two vampires walk into a bar. The bartender says “Name you poison.” The first vampire answers “I’ll have a glass of blood”. The other vampire says “I’ll have a glass of plasma”. “Okay,” replies the bartender, “That’ll be one blood and a blood lite.”

Well that is it for today.