Honey Bees And Cell Phones, A Go Go

In the last few days I’ve been seeing in the news that scientist have possibly found the cause for the mysterious Buzz Buzzdisappearance of the honey bees. They now think it is a virus. Do you remember that in the spring time they taught it was cell phones! This goes to show you that the international news services are not to be taken seriously. They publish theories that have no bases in reality.

I used to be a news junkie until a few years ago when I realised that most news broadcasts, and what you read in the paper, are just as fictional as dime store novel and anything shown on prime time television. They rush to unsubstantiated conclusions and when they are wrong, which is most of the time, they do not own up to it. News services use to have integrity, now they’ll publish or broadcast anything as long as they money out of it. I hope you all realise that. They will also decide what we, the public, must believe. They mostly only show one side of the story.

I was going to bash Microsoft at this point in this posting but decided against it because everything the do, according to them, is perfect and everything that Linux or Apple or Sun etc does infringes on Microsoft’s patents. I think that just the fact that I have written about them today infringes 23 of their patents. I’ll stop now since I have just received an email from Microsoft threatening legal action against me. A legal action is now patented by Microsoft.

I guess I have ranted long enough for today.