A Newer and Better Looking Blog

Yet again I’ve updated the look of this blog.  I like to try new things therefore something new is a good thing.  I got tired of the old lookMad Men real fast.  I hope I don’t get tired of this one as fast.

I’ve started to watch Mad Men the AMC channel’s original series about a 1950’s advertising agency.  The short of this review is: I like.  It seems to be realistic in its look and feel of the period, I would not know if life was like that being born in the 60’s.  I know that they smoke as if it was good for you!  Women are treated like chattel and they drink at work.  Anyways watch it, it is good.

Last evening I went to a friend place to help him with his computer, yes I am a computer god, and I got a free meal out of it.  The company was good, so was the food and wine (even though Jacques slightly charred the chicken). He had problems connecting to his wireless network.  Calling his ISP proved once and for all that most help lines have incompetents trying to help you.  The stupid leading the blind.  I learned that his router/modem had a reset button, they knew about that but they could not set it up properly.  While they were looking how to set up the router I actually did it.  Can you believe it, two consecutive post in which I speak about computers and I swore to myself not to talk about computer in this blog.  Ah well, what can you do?

How many ISP help line worker does it take to change a light bulb?  Hold the line please I’ll transfer you to a technician!

Enough of this silliness. See you later

p.s. Thanks Rachel, Chloe and Jacques for the wonderful evening.