iPod Is A Magic Word

In the last few days I have discovered that the word iPod is the key to having a lot of views on a Blog. The People visiting this blog have multiplied at a astronomical level (I am exaggerating a bit here) since my “Ipod Do You” post. My “Bourne (Ultimatum) Again Christian” post is another one that has a lot of traffic. I guess by writing about popular culture is popular in ouriPod culture, duh?

This post is an attempt of bad humour in which I am trying to capitalize on my new found popularity among blogs and bloggers (exaggerating again). I really think that my attempt for bad humour is really bad. Does this mean it is good humour? No I say and I know you are not finding this funny at all. Why have I categorize this post as humour? I don’t know myself.

Now this blog is not supposed to be about computers (see Adventure in Computing and Life in Blogroll) but since I started it talking about an iPod, I have to mention that I am running my computers with Ubuntu the GNU/Linux operating system and I use gtkpod to place music and movies in the iPod. I love the fact that I don’t have to synch my iPod to the computer and I can erase the song after I have uploaded it to the iPod and it won’t be erased from the iPod when I place more music in. Way better than iTunes, in my opinion. I still haven’t watched a complete movie on it and I don’t know if I can?

Now that I have that out of my system, on to serious matters.

A man was in a hospital bed with an oxygen mask, he was getting a sponge bath from a young nurse when he says to her “Excuse me but are my testicules black?”

The nurse replies that she is only supposed to wash his upper body and feet. The patient asks her once again “Are my testicules black?”

The nurse not wanting the patient to get agitated lifts up his gown, grabs his penis moves it out of the way and and does a thorough examination of the patients testicles and tells him “everything is fine down there”.

At this point the patient removes the oxygen masks and says “thank you very much but are my test results back?”

Now that is where the humour was hiding. I knew I could find it somewhere. Now that is it for this almost humourless post which was categorized in the humour section.