Bourne (Ultimatum) Again Christian

On Saturday I went to see The Borne Ultimatum. It was action all the way excposterept for maybe 15 minutes in this 2 hours movie. It was relentless. I liked it. Go see it now. The whole movie is a chase scene, who would have thought that this much action could hold us, the viewers, attention for 120 minutes. This movie works. At the end we still have questions, so I think that Borne part 4 will be made. Usually sequels are not as good as the original film. This installment is the best yet. I don’t like to give out endings and in this case I’ll keep with my policy. If you want to know what happens, go spend your hard earned money and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it.

About 15 years ago I read The Borne Identity by Robert Ludlum and from what I remember It is very different from the movie with the same name. I did not enjoy the book as much as the movie. Maybe I will read it again just to see if is as I remember it. I know that I did not see the Borne Identity until The Borne Supremacy came out on DVD and I had decided to watch both. I put off watching the first movie because of the way I felt about the book: dislike. I’m glad that I was wrong and that I enjoyed the film.

I’ve also watched the last two shows of The Knights of Prosperity. Oh why in God’s name was this show canceled? It was possibly the best new comedy of the season and Joe Public did not watch it . Why? Why? I say why? I would recommend for you guys to watch this show but ABC is not even showing them in reruns! Why I say? You’ll have to download them illegally to view them. I’ll support you if you do because there is no other way you’ll get to see except waiting for DVD box set to come out and then downloading a copy of it!

I guess my time’s up for this post so I’ll see you again at a later date.

p.s. in no way do I condone the illegal sharing of copyrighted material using the Internet and programs like µtorrent, Azureus, Bit Tornado, Bit Comet, ktorrent, Transmission…, and the links on this post are not here for you to click on but for educational purpose only. Don’t download, don’t do drugs and stay in school!