The Sun Ain’t Yellow It’s Chicken

I added a new feature to this blog. It is a section on the right side of the screen called “Now Listening”. Now you know what I am listening to while I am writing the post. This will be updated every time there is a new post. You’ll be a step closer to what it feels to be me! Great, you say, do not be fooled by my wonderful essays, being me is not a bed of roses. Enough of this nonsense, now to something important.

For the last month I have not really been paying attention to what is on television, but the last few days I have been catching up to shows I had started to watch but because of circumstances I did not follow. I watched the remaining episodes of John From Cincinnati, and after a few shows I could not decide if I liked it or not. I decided after watching the finale that i wasted nine hours of my life. I was expecting more but I got less, a lot less.

One show that I have been keeping up with is Big Brother US, I cannot get enoughBull of watching people lying and cheating their way to lots of money. This is a show with no violence or sex but this is the kind of show that rots the morals out of society. Here you’ll see people in the “diary room” telling America and Canada that the other players are liars and cheater and guess what they are doing the exact same thing or worst to the other player. I can’t get enough of it. I like to study human behavior, it’s wonderful. It’s a shame to say but that is how we are but we don’t like to admit it, and you out there denying it the most are probably the worst at it since you don’t see you are doing BobDylan - Bring It All Back Homeit. We do not see our faults we only see our qualities. You might say “my greatest fault is that I am a perfectionist”, Bull crap with a capitol B. Get a life just like mine, it’s shiny I just waxed it.

I’ve been listening to a lot of music this summer. During the week after my father funeral I was listening to Bob Dylans’ Bring It All Back Home and Highway 61 Revisited. Boy does he have a way with words and phrases or what? I am truly amazed every time I listen to these albums, Cd’s for you younger folks out there. Another CD you must listen from Mr Dylan is Blonde On Blonde. At the time I did not have it on myBobDylan - Highway 61 Revisited iPod so that explains why I did not listen to it. I have remedied the situation.

I guess I’m done for another post. I hope I did not offend you when I called you liars and cheaters. If I did or didn’t leave a comment. I’d like to know how you feel.