Porridge Post

It’s that time again: time for me to pull something out of my magician hat for you, the constant reader, to read. There are quite a few of you so I cannot disappoint you by not writing anything. So I’ll guess I’ll ramble on for hours and hours and hours before you notice that this post is full of nothing. This post lacks any substance what-so-ever. It is without substance. The main point of this post is to annoy the annoying and initiate you to my warped sense of humour. Now the spellchecker on wordpress is flagging humour because I spelled it the right way with a u and not the vulgar American spelling without. Did you know that approximately 1 billion people, give or take 10, can speak English. Most of us use the English spelling over American spelling, therefore there are u’s in humoUr, glamoUr, laboUr …

I guess this post is not at all pointless, it does have substance. It is an icky and gooey substance, something like watered down porridge. That is it for this post. Next time Real substance, something concrete, and with pictures.