Life Does Go On

Two weeks ago I planned to write a wonderful blog post with a few anecdotes, a few jokes. I am sure you would have enjoyed it. As you know it was not posted because life happened. Life always ends in death we can’t escape it, nor can our loved ones.

On the 14th of July I received a call from my mother saying that my father was rushed at the hospital. I spent the next few days either at the hospital or at my parents. On the 18th of July my father passed away. One the 21st we had his funeral. From the 22nd to the 29th of July I was on vacation. These are the reasons there were no post on the blog.

As you can see I did not go into details of what happened because I do not feel like it today, I guess I’m in a depressed mood today.  Ah, well things like that happens to the best of us.

I’ll bring this post to an end by saying I’ll be more cheerful next time, I hope. See you all later