Ipod do you?

Last week I purchase an Ipod video. I must say at the beginning of the Ipod craze I was a nay sayer. I liked, and still do, my Sony MD player but I like it less that the new sparkling 30 GB Ipod.

In the last couple of dayIPODs people have told me to beware or thunder showers and I have read and seen a few reports on the fact that if you are using an Ipod in a thunder shower you might get hit by lightning. See here for an example of the articles filling up the tech news everywhere. They all quote a story of a British Colombia man that was hit in 2005.

In the article the talk about tracking 13 such incidents. They say it is dangerous. Now lets get back to reality. I’ll give you a few numbers. From 2004 to April 2007 there have been 100 000 000 Ipod sold (Click here for source). 13 cases of lightning strikes. Now I guess is the time to mention that the article also mention cells so the 13 cases will be divided by two, and to make it fair I’ll round up. Seven cases of lightning strikes on Ipod users! Let’s do the math shall we? We Ipod users have 1 chance in 14 285 714 to get stricken by lightning in a thunder storm. I think the story is a bit overblown, don’t you?

There are 70 people hit by lightning a year in the US (Source), I would like to know if all of them had Ipods or cells on them. I bet most of them had watches, so don’t wear a watch in a thunder storm!

I have a rule that I live by: don’t go outside when there is a thunder storm. That is it for this rant.