When the Shit Hits the Fan

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” – Newton’s Third Law of Motion. This is also my law on how to threat people around you. In other word if someone threats you fairly, act in the same way towards them. If they are idiots you are allowed to threat them as such. This is pretty much the same as an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth from the Bible.

As you already know from a previous post my father is dying from myelodysplasia and he is not well. This disease is affecting the whole family. I, for one, am very stressed and I am afraid that my breaking point is nearing in great strides and I hope I do do anything stupid. My parents neighbor, lets call him “Idiot” to protect his privacy, is an Idiot with a capitol I. For the last couple of years Mr. Idiot has been avoiding my parents like the plague, previous to this he would help them out with menial work around the house and my parents would pay him fairly. Every year they would give him Christmas presents, my mom would go check on his mother, which sadly past away about 2 years ago. Everything changed when another neighbor bought a piece of land adjoining Idiot and his brother, Moron (again to protect his moronic identity). Moron waged a battle of words with the other neighbor and he said a bold faced lie and my mother being the good citizen that she is contradicted him. Since then Idiot and Moron have stop speaking and even looking at the whole family. The only time some thing is said is when Idiot yells at my mother, for driving to fast, or the dog for wondering on his yard.

Today just before I left to come back home, Idiot, yelled at the dog. I was in a bad mood and livid. When I drove by his house I floored itCrapper and sprayed his house with rocks, damn it felt good. Whilst I was driving home I felt bad for doing it, another mood swing, I also felt bed for my parents because they would probably pay for my stupidity. When I got home, I called my parents and told them what I did and how I felt bad doing it. My mom told me that Idiot wasn’t yelling at the dog, he was yelling because his crapper fell trough the floor into the basement.
There is a french Canadian saying: Le bon Dieu t’a punit, Which basically translates to you are punished by the good God. I think that his toilet going though the floor is just punishment for the way he as been and is acting and I hope that my punishment is in a milder form. One thing in my defence is that I truly feel bad for what I did.