A Natural Post

Today lets talk about pet peeves. I have a lot of pet peeves because in my mind certain thing we say or the media over uses until we are brainwashed into believing whatever brain decaying they are pushing on that particular day/week or month.


Man-made is one of these pet peeves I have.


This definition of nature is something that I have trouble with. Why do we separate natural from man-made? Are we humans unnatural? A lot of you will say that manufacture things there fore it isn’t natural. You will also say that no other species do these things. Bull crap! I have one word for you dam. Why is a beaver dam natural and a power dam not? Why is an apartment building unnatural and an ant hill natural?


Believe it or not we are part of nature. Everything “man-made” is natural. We evolved on the same planet as all the other animals, insects, fish, marsupials, lizards and birds (For all you very religious types we were all created by the same God). We have more intelligence (some may call it stupidity) that the other creatures of Earth, it doesn’t mean that the birds with their nests are better or greater than bats that simply live in a cave. We humans at one point we also lived in caves, until one day someone decided to build a shelter where there were no “natural” shelter. Guess what that first shelter we built was natural.


I know you are probably getting tired of this rant so I’ll move on to something else. Last evening I gave blood. I’ll implore all of you to donate when you have a chance because the blood you give will save a life. Donating blood is the “natural” thing to do.

I’ll leave you on that note.

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