Another Week, Another Blog Post

This is a postjustice with no clear direction in mind. So I’ll wing it. On Thursday I’ll be going to court. Last year I had a customer who purchased merchandise with bad checks. Now on Thursday he’ll pay for his misdeeds. Hang the bastard! This sounds quite drastic doesn’t it? I think I am over reacting, just a little bit.


Last Sunday was fathers day I spent it with the family, it was enjoyable, for the most part. My uncle was rushed to the hospital, he was diagnosed with lung and brain cancer about a month ago. There is not much to be done. I hope that he does not suffer to much before his time comes.


I think this post is a bit depressing so I’ll change the subject to something else. I don’t know what else right now, there is nothing coming to mind at the moment. Don’t say that there is no mind for the subject to come to, because there is. It’s just that right at the moment I’m trying to watch television, type a blog and read at the same time. The television show I’m watching is Meadowlands a very dark vision of suburbia. I’m not sure if I like it or not I’ll have to see a few other show before I decide. I am reading Shadow of the Gi by Orson Scott Card an action/political strategy book, it is quite good.


I guess that is it for this direction less post. A post with no direction. I’ll say that some days I’ve got it but today is not one of those days. I should have waited until I had at least an idea on what I am supposed to write, not just write something off the cuff. This is what happens when you force yourself into writing a post a week. Now if this was the other blog I would have had something to write… well maybe not. I promise you that the next post will better, well at least not a bad.